who we are and what we do

Venicexperience guides are tourism professionals with different cultures and background, all  living in Venice and its province, all pooled by the love for showing you the beauty of Italy.

Private Tours and Small-group tours

We supply authentic and original tours to small-group travellers and individuals. We supply private tours and scheduled small-group tours. Most of the private tours can accomodate up to 8 people, as the small-group tours. In the private, if technically possible, you can ask your guide for a customisation during the tour. Small-groups, instead, can have only few variations from the planned itinerary.

Destinations: Venice and the Veneto

Venice is the main tourist city of northeastern Italy, as given that its absolute beauty and uniqueness. But there is much more outside, just few minutes from it: places distinguished by an older history than Venice and fully connected to its survival through the centuries. Beautiful architecture, great landscapes, ancient traditions to discover in a no-crowd way.

Food & Wine

Get in touch with Italy and Venice through its gastronomic culture: a great way to learn about history and way of living.The tour is a mix of a walk with art/history knowledge and food&wine tastings. All the places visited are selected on the basis of quality, history, convenience and are places frequented regularly by the guides in their private life.

Craftsmanship Tours

Italy is worldwide famous for its excellence in design and arts. It was in the past, it is still today. Venicexperience organises tours aimed to get in touch with the traditional artisan activities, visiting laboratories in full activity that are open to the public only upon booking to learn what makes Italian makers so special.

Bespoke Tours

Half-day and full day tours are planned on request, both in Venice and the Veneto. About the last one, Venice is very well connected to the main cities of North Italy allowing you to spend some hours outside the lagoon to get a glimpse in the beautiful surrounding areas.


On request we can organise basic and advanced workshops on: lamp glass techniques, glass fusing techniques, papier maché masks making.


Venicexperience rely on a network of partners to offer more activities in line with its own quality standard.

Active Tours

We partner we some companies operating in the Veneto and North Italy to offer active tours for sporty people: urban running, trail running, cycling, kayaking.

Family Tourism

Tours specifically designed for families traveling with children: artistic workshops, treasure hunts and much more. A total satisfaction for the whole party.