Food Tours

Experience Venice and the Veneto region through the authentic Italian way: eat and drink it! Select one of our great food tours to get in touch with Venice with all your senses: short food tours, food & wine tours, aperitif tours and more.

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Orientation Tours


Venice is a small but labyrinthine city, every place seems to be close to reach and everything seems to be clear to understand: that’s not true, both for first time visitors and expert. Take one of our tours, visit off the beaten tracks spots and get orientated in Venice via our local guides.

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Workshop & Tradition Tours


Craftmen, artisans, ancient jobs are still active in Venice: old ones and new ones. Creativity has always been part of the city since its beginning: glass factories, laces, shipyards, publishers, arts and much more made Venice the wonderful city it is. Take a tour to visit old and new workshops, traditional and creative artisans, get in deep touch with the Venetian craftmanship, shop it.

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Surrounding Area Tours – Treviso

Discover the  a complete overview of Veneto region Venice from its main element: water. Venice was built in the middle of a lagoon and expands itself in all of it with several islands. See Venice and its lagoon with a boat tour to learn more about history and visiting a wonderful uncontaminated landscape.

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